Visit Lake Rakitje

Sport Fishing Club “Rak” Rakitje managed water bodies lakes in Rakitje. The total area of all lakes is about 220 hectares. The lakes are: Finzula, Votok, Juš and Nadolez.

All types of freshwater cyprinid fish are found in the lakes, and dominate the carp, amur, pike, gooseberry and seaweed. Surveillance on lakes is performed by the fodder service and communal service.

The lake JUŠ is hunted by the system of “catch and let” and applies to all types of fish irrespective of size.

On the other lakes it is necessary to release carp, pike and perch weighing more than 5 kg and grass carp weighing more than 7 kg. During the year there are 3 to 4 international carnival cups as well as more fishing competitions in the “floating fly” technique. The largest fish caught: carp 31.5 kg,  29.5 kg weight,  pike 12.6 kg, 9 kg,  catfish 74 kg.

Besides the fishing of the lake shore, they are ideal for recreation, cycling, walks and family outings.